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Tick-Tock-Toe is the two player Tic-Tac-Toe game that never ends in a draw.


  • X plays first
  • Each player gets 6 seconds to play. Fail to play and turn goes back to other player.
  • Occupied squares are automatically cleared after 20 seconds (when color in square disappears)
  • Game continues until someone wins!

Player 1 Controls:
  Q  W  E
  A    S   D
  Z    X   C

Player 2 Controls:
 Keypad     or    No Keypad
  7   8   9                  U   I   O
  4   5   6                   J   K   L
  1   2   3                  M    ,    .

Press ESCAPE to exit.
Press ENTER to restart after a win.

Mod the board, x's, or o's by replacing images in the res folder. Must be png or jpeg. x's and o's recommended as square png's with transparent background.

Install instructions

Unzip into a folder and run Tick-Tock-Toe.exe

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